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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Missing Bella

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for 2 friends who I love dearly.  Someone gave them a bag full of books.  All of them were Bellas favorite. No David! and Brown Bear Brown Bear and Goodnight moon. It made me sad to because I could remember all the thousands of times I read those to her and then she learned how to read them to me.  Its those darn memories that get me every time.

Today I went to see Bella and there were some sweet letters from her friends that went to visit her.  Every time I go to visit her I have to bring her a surprise.  I really feel like she is smiling big when I bring it to her.  My mom and I went shopping today and it just wasn't the same.  I was looking in the children department and I had things in my hand and then I just had to drop everything and move on to a different section.  Bella was my partner when we would shop.  I miss my best friend.



  1. This is the toughest part that most individuals will not/do see after a life altering event...the day to day hard times...lean on your family and friends and don't hold back...this is why I was was so pleased to see this will allow you to share some things that would otherwise be kept internal...Best wishes going foward

  2. Kim, I know it is hard for you doing the day to day outings that you and Bella shared. I share many of the same things with my daughter, Abby. I read this post and cried and smiled at the same time because when you wrote about the books at the baby shower I thought what a great gift. I saw it as a sign that Bella was with you at the shower. I just wanted to tell you that Abby and I talked about Bella this weekend. Ever since Abby met her a couple of summers ago, Bella left a lasting impact on her. We continually say prayers for you, Trey, Baylor and Bella. I look forward to more posts from you.

  3. Kim, it meant so much to Joel and I both that you came to the shower. We cannot begin to understand how hard this time is for you. You light up a room Kim with your energy and grace! It seems to me that Bella was very much like her beautiful mother. You make everyone around you want to be a better person. We love you very much!


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