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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Healing Mass at OLOL Hospital

Today was a very special day for Trey and I.  We got to go back to the chapel at OLOL Hospital and speak on Bellas behalf.  It was hard to speak about her today because we miss her so much.  We had a slide show of many pictures of her during her 8 years of life.  In every picture I could remember exactly what we were doing or what she was saying.  She would have loved the music and would have probably asked us where the nativity scene was?  The last time we were there was a year ago 3 days after her brain surgery and she sat with the life size nativity scene for a hour and didn't want to go back to her room.   Those are the memories that are so hard to deal with because they are so real in our hearts and are replayed over and over again in our minds.  Memories....


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  1. Bella would have been so proud of you & Trey.You are doing thing's that so many parent's could not do and although it will be be very difficult at time's doing this will help you deal with losing Bella. I only knew Bella for a matter of week's and i will never forget her beautiful face and the way she talked she was one of the sweetest little girl's i'v met. xx


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