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Friday, February 24, 2012

This week has been so crazy I can't believe its almost over.  The foundation has some exciting events coming up and there are a couple of people who have been so amazing and I feel like I have to give them some major THANK YOU'S!!!!  Brett and Katie Lovetro have done all the logos and the blog and are currently working on the website and the advertisements and meeting every deadline!  On top of there day to day things like a real job and and sweet little baby boy they work thru the night and weekends and hope its everything that I could have imagined for the foundation.  I love them so much and could not do this without them!
Also there is my right hand woman....Leah.  She puts me on track and she makes me feel like the foundation is her #1 priority!  Thank you for all your long hours and hard work.  I'm so glad to have met you and it wouldn't have happen if it weren't for Bella.

I'm so excited about Bella's Market.  There are going to be so many great vendors and we are going to have Bella Bowman Foundation t-shirts and bumper stickers!  This year is going to be a good one.  I know Bella is coaching me along as I go!  She is everywhere.  When I knew what kind of t shirts I wanted to print on I went to look at the tag and it read BELLA.  Crazy!!  It happened to me in Fairhope, AL when I went to eat at Master Joes.  I got a tank top from there and when I went home and tried it on  the tag was also BELLA.


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