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Friday, February 10, 2012

Awareness is the key

This was very hard to decide if I should post this or not but I think that everyone should see why it is so important for me to raise awareness of Radiation Necrosis (Damage). Also why it is so important to tell Bellas story through her Foundation.  Treatment for brain cancer is what killed my baby and permanently disables so many children.  But the treatment has to be done to fight this horrible disease.

In these videos the first one was in April right after we did the treatment.  She was feeling great!  The second video is 6 months later in October when the late effects of the radiation were damaging her brain stem and permanently disabling her neurologically.  Also the last video was right before we went to St. Jude for the last time for her last hope to stop the necrosis.

April 2011 

October 2011


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  1. My sweet Bella! I miss her so much! The video from April was her first day back to school after treatment. She brought lots of fun treats that she got in Jacksonville to share with the class. That baby chick reminds me of our visit in Jacksonville when Suzanne and I got to keep the girls while you and Mimi enjoyed a quiet dinner. We had so much fun painting nails, watching movies, and snuggling with your girls! Baylor kept burping and we were screaming laughing. Bella was snorting because she was laughing so hard. I remember having to be so creative in trying to get her to eat during that time, marking the water bottles with a sharpie to show her how many sips it would take to drink her Elecare.

    The second video was the last day she was with us before going back for the second round of HBO treatments. One of my favorite times with her took place that day. She was so tired that we rested in the loft while the others went to recess. I can still see the look on her face when she woke up. She smiled at me and giggled when she realized that I took a nap with her. She said that Mrs. Suzanne was going to fuss at me for taking a nap:)

    I sure do miss her fun spirit and sweet smile! I am so thankful for having the chance to get to know her! I am a stronger person because of her!



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