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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another angel

Tonight I received a message from a mother that I met through one of the brain tumor website support groups that her son has passed and is playing with Bella in Heaven.  Back in October we started emailing each other because our children had the same symptoms.  Both of our children had Proton Radiation and both died from the side effects from radiation.  Necrosis strikes again.  It is so frustrating because our children make it through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and numerous sticks and test and are cancer free but still die!  We have to find safer treatments to keep the cancer away.  As Bella would say "Red Dot don't you ever come back!"  I am so sad for my friend.  Although we have never met I feel so connected to her.  I wish I could tell her it will get easier but it really doesn't.

On a brighter note I had a great meeting yesterday for the foundation.  We have so many great things coming up to help benefit Bella Bowman foundation.  Keep posted for the dates and events!   We will be on 96.1 The River on Friday,  March 2 at 7am.  And Bellas story will be playing throughout the 3 days the fundraiser will be going on.


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